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Gambling news finds us in ‘Ballis’ in Las Vegas, which is beginning to transform into horse hooves Las Vegas. But Horseshoe Las Vegas was downtown, and ‘Ballis’ wasn’t always ‘Ballis’ because Las Vegas casinos play chair games.

Just eight months after announcing the rebranding of Bali as Horschoe, employees began removing Bali’s name outside Las Vegas casinos. The letters came down one by one. And even though that may seem like a big deal, there’s a lot more involved than you can see on the exterior of a building. As the end of the year approaches, guests can expect to see new entertainment options, including additional changes to casino floors and other public spaces, changes to food and beverage options, and classic arcades where sportsbooks were located.

However, guests who want to bet on sports games don’t have to worry, as Caesars Entertainment will set up a new counter for betting. Another option is the Caesars Sportsbook app, which guests are willing to use while in Nevada. Currently, there has been no announcement that Bali’s poker room has been renovated or closed. But given the rich history of playing poker in the original Horsche, and the fact that Las Vegas casinos just hosted World Series poker, our doubt is that poker will be a big part of the new Horsche going forward.

In addition, those waiting for the new Hard Rock Las Vegas casino to open will have to wait a little longer. Despite all the talk of Mirage and closing its iconic volcanic attraction, the new resort will not be ready to welcome guests for at least another two and a half years. The company recently released a press release with details about their plans. When referring to their new property in The Strip, Hard Rock mentioned that it would “open in 2025,” but did not elaborate beyond that. One question of curiosity for both guests and residents is whether hotels will have to close during the rebranding process.


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