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“There are no two suns below the sky. Suwon Samsung should go down (to the second part).” (Kim Hyun-kyu, 35)

“I support Suwon Samsung, but the result is up to heaven.” (Jang Hee-beom, 34)

Soccer fans’ wishes for the Suwon Derby blood clot to escape from the K-League’s “directly relegation to the second division” were mixed. Suwon FC and Suwon Samsung in the 35th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 at Suwon Stadium at 2 p.m. on the 12th ended with a 3-2 reversal by Suwon Samsung with Kim Joo-chan’s winning goal after a fierce battle.

Suwon Samsung, the lowest, added three valuable points, but still remained in the 12th place (7 wins, 8 draws, 21 losses, 29 points), which is a direct relegation zone in the second division. However, in the remaining two matches, he has hope to escape from the relegation direct. On the other hand, Suwon FC, ranked 10th (8 wins, 8 draws and 20 losses), was unable to escape the pursuit of 11th place Gangwon (30 points) and Suwon Samsung due to the defeat.

It was a thrilling Derby victory for Suwon Samsung fans and a nightmare moment for Suwon FC fans.

The game was filled with 8,886 spectators, and there was also a hot cheering match throughout the game. Some Suwon Samsung fans took off their tops and breathed energy into the team even in the chilly weather.

Was it because of its power. Suwon Samsung’s midfielder Kozuka Kazuki had a war of nerves with Suwon FC’s Kim Do-yoon early in the first half He pushed it down roughly, and the referee pulled out a red card after VAR and 10 people were forced to fight, but he achieved a miraculous victory.

Suwon Samsung lost the first goal to its opponent Hugo Gomes in the 30th minute of the first half, but Acosti scored an equalizer in a corner kick in the extra time of the first half to balance it. In the second half, Ahn Byung-joon’s goal gave him a 2-1 lead and allowed Kim Hyun to score a header equalizer (2-2), but he laughed at the end with a volley shot by 19-year-old “young blood” Kim Joo-chan.

Yoo Han-kyu (27), who has been supporting Suwon Samsung for seven years, said, “I want the players to fight for their lives as they are on the verge of relegation,” while Kim Dong-hwi (26) also said, “I lost 2-0 in the last match against Daejeon, and I hope I can show my maximum defensive concentration this time.” His heart seemed to have been conveyed to the players.

Moon Sung-bin (31), who also cheered for Suwon Samsung, said, “I hope we will avoid relegation,” and Suwon Samsung players presented fans with a meaningful victory with their fighting spirit.

In fact, Kim Joo-chan, who led the victory, said, “All the players had the same determination. “I only thought about winning,” he said. “It was at the request of the bench that Mulich connected the ball over with a volley shot.”

Suwon fans did not leave the stadium even after the game and sang the cheering song. Kim Jung-hyun (32) and Moon So-yeon (29) were thrilled, saying, “Kazuki was sent off and ate the first goal, so I didn’t expect it, but I’m so happy.”

Suwon Samsung, one of the most famous professional soccer players, has matches with FC Seoul on the 25th and Gangwon on the 2nd.

Suwon’s acting coach Yeom Ki-hoon said, “Even when one was lacking, the players poured everything into it with desperation.” I’m so glad and happy to bring a victory,” he said. Kim Joo-chan’s decision-making power and confidence are great even at a young age. “I think he must have instilled great confidence in other strikers,” he stressed.


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