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Hyundai Engineering & Construction won the set score 3-1 (28-26, 24-26, 25-21, 25-16) in the second round of the women’s team of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League at Suwon Gymnasium on the 9th.

The first match between the two teams was held in Daejeon on the 29th, and Jeong Kwan-jang won the set score 3-0. However, Hyundai Engineering & Construction succeeded in escaping two consecutive losses by avenging its last defeat in the home game, and Hyundai Engineering & Construction rose from fourth to third. The articles of incorporation fell to fourth place.

After the game, manager Kang Sung-hyung said, “If I had a good serve, I would have scored 30 points,” adding, “I didn’t do well before that, so there was a replacement, so that’s all I can score.” Still, I did it with a sense of responsibility. It looked good,” he complimented.

He also praised Jung Ji-yoon, who started for the first time this season. Coach Kang said, “This kind of attack did not come out during practice. “I thought Ji-yoon would be better because there was no player, but there were difficulties, but I played a good game,” he said.

Moma scored 29 points and an attack success rate of 42.11&, and Jung Ji-yoon and Yang Hyo-jin scored 14 points each.

Regarding his first start of the season, Jung Ji-yoon said, “Suddenly (Kim) Joo-hyang got hurt, so I went out to start earlier than expected,” adding, “I thought it wasn’t helpful for me.” I was also very nervous. I was nervous. But the team members said, “I’ll help you a lot.” You can do it,’ he encouraged. So I tried to enjoy myself,” he recalled.

Jung Ji-yoon then expressed his gratitude to the team for cheering, saying, “The coach also told me to do as you were doing.”

Regarding his physical condition, Jung Ji-yoon said, “The most important thing is the sense of play on the court. My legs are not moving well right now. I can’t even jump well. It’s not 100%, but it’s coming up every day,” he said.

The reception is still shaky. In response to this, Jung Ji-yoon said, “I am a player who is not good at receiving. So I have to take responsibility in the attack,” he stressed.

After the injury in August, he must have had a hard time. “First of all, I’ve never been so seriously injured. It was confusing at first. It was a waste of what I’ve been doing so far, so I was upset. However, I prepared slowly because there is nothing different even if I am intimidated. Then I got impatient as the opening approached. I focused because I couldn’t wait to return,” he recalled.

Jung Ji-yoon said, “My score today is 70 points. My colleagues helped me a lot,” he said. Jung suffered an ankle injury for the national team during the off-season. Then, he returned as a substitute against GS Caltex last time, and made his first start of the season instead of Kim Joo-hyang, who suffered an ankle injury that day.


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