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[Asian Games] Baek In-cheol, Ranked 1st in the 50m Butterfly Race in the Preliminary Round by Korea. “Faster in the Finals”

Baek In-cheol (23, Busan Jung-gu Office) set a new Korean record and a new tournament record and advanced to the finals as first place in the men’s 50m butterfly preliminary round at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Baek In-cheol

As Baek In-cheol hit the touchpad in 23.39 seconds in the men’s 50m butterfly preliminaries at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Swim Management held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center in Zhejiang, China, on the 28th.

This is a new Korean record, 0.11 seconds shorter than the Korean record of 23.50 seconds that he set at the national team selection event in March of this year. 온라인카지노

At the same time, Shiyang (China)’s previous competition record of 23.46 seconds achieved in Incheon in 2014 was also reduced by 0.07 seconds.

Among the 40 athletes who participated in the men’s 50m butterfly preliminaries, none finished the race faster than Baek In-cheol.

Baek In-cheol aims for the gold medal in the finals, which will be held at 8:36 pm Korean time.

The only Korean athlete to have won a medal in the men’s 50m butterfly,

which has been an official event at the Asian Games since the 2006 Doha Games,

is Yang Jeong-doo, who took third place in Incheon in 2014.

Baek In-cheol aims for even greater results in Hangzhou.

Asian Games

Baek In-cheol, whom we met after the preliminaries, said, “It feels good to set a new Korean record and a new Asian Games record, but I am not satisfied with this record.

My goal is to get into the 22-second range.

In the preliminaries, I will reduce my record to the low 23-second range.

“I wanted to get into the 22-second mark in the finals,

but my preliminary time didn’t meet my expectations,” he said.

About 9 hours later, Baek In-cheol will have the opportunity to enter the 22nd round.

Baek In-cheol said, “You can say I am greedy, but I will work hard to enter the top 22 and win a gold medal.”

By the 27th, Korean swimming management had achieved its best performance in the Asian Games by winning 3 gold medals,

2 silver medals, and 8 bronze medals.

Baek In-cheol also wants to help bring about a renaissance in Korean swimming.

Baek In-cheol said, “I gained positive energy from seeing my teammates on the national team win medals.

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