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[Asian Games] Judo Dutiful Daughter Kim Ha-yoon, “The Gold Medal is a Chuseok Gift… I Will Give it to my Parents”

Singer Kim Ho-joong reaffirms his fan sentiment, “I definitely want to meet him in person.”

Kim Ha-yoon (Ansan City Hall), a representative of the women over 78kg who prevented the judo team’s ‘no gold’ disaster,

smiled brightly and said she would hang a gold medal around her parents’ neck as a Chuseok gift.

Kim Ha-yoon

Ha-yoon Kim attended the gold medalists’ press conference held at the Sports Diplomacy Lounge of the Korea Sports Council at the Grand New Century Hotel in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.

On the 28th, and said, “My parents and brother came all the way here to watch the game.”

“However, there was a delay due to a doping test after the game, so I had to do it myself.” 온라인카지노사이트

“I didn’t see his face.

He was sitting in the audience right under the Taegeukgi during the awards ceremony.

That’s all I saw at that time,” he said, laughing.

He met with reporters after the press conference and said, “I think I will meet my family in Korea, and when I return,

I will hang a gold medal around my parents’ neck as a Chuseok gift.”

Ha-yoon Kim defeated Xu Shi-yan (China) in the women’s over 78 kg judo final held at the Xiaoshan Linfu Gymnasium in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China on the 26th.

Korean Judo

Korean Judo, which had not won a single gold medal before,

was able to escape the humiliation of ‘no gold’ for the first time in its history at the Asian Games with Kim Ha-yoon‘s victory.

When asked, “Was there any pressure of ‘no gold’ going into the competition?” he said

“I wasn’t sure I could win the gold medal before coming to Hangzhou,

but I went into the competition with the mindset of having no regrets.

I was happy because I performed the way I wanted to.” He said.

On this day, the upper part of Kim Hayun’s nose was slightly swollen.

He said, “I think I got hurt during the game.

I think I probably cracked my nose bone, but I’m planning to get a checkup when I return home.”

He said, “I didn’t feel any pain during the game,” and “the pain came over me after the game was over.

But it’s okay because I won the gold medal.”

Kim Hayun, who attracted attention by revealing that she was a fan of singer Kim Ho-jung after winning the gold medal,

also revealed her unwavering fan spirit.

He shyly said, “I’ve always been a fan, so I used to go to concerts,” and “I really want to meet him in person.”

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