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Woodbine Entertainment is now ready to restart the live harness season after some lockdown restrictions have been raised. The horse racing leader has been granted permission to resume operations at Woodbine Mohawk Park in Ontario. On February 25, 2021, it was finally announced that there was an official date for the next horse racing event.

Racing resumption is possible after the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Board Registrar approves the racing track’s application to rebook part of the event date. The requested schedule changes were evaluated by Ontario Racing and the Ontario Lottery and Game Association, which suggested changes would be necessary.

The schedule has been changed as follows. Currently, there will be four events during the month of March, with the first scheduled for Thursday, March 25. The next event is scheduled for the next day on March 26, Saturday on March 27, and Monday on March 29. All events start at 7 p.m.

a preliminary round
FEBRUARY 25, 2021 IS EVERYTHING AT THE HALL AS 11 PREPARATIONS ARE MADE ON RACE ROADIt was a day for me. Millennium Silster led the first qualifying round with a time of 1:5. The fastest mile of the day was achieved by the outlaw Grabgiers, who clocked 1:54 in cold weather. The 5-year-old Smart Shark gelding set a clip of 28.3 seconds and 1:24 seconds before leading the second game with a length of 13 and 3:25.

The fastest trot mile in the session was set by Final Claim at 1:57.1 lap. The five-year-old Muscle Hill gelding topped the list by 3.25 miles over Arakis, a pocket sitter. As Sotti finished five lengths but fell behind in third place. Rockinweed custard had a pace of 30,4, 59.1 and 1:29.2 in the qualifying round, but finished with a time of 2:00.3. Her stablemate, Major Custard, clocked in at 1:55.4 miles and finished third in the qualifying round behind Better Take It. 슬롯게임

Saratoga Prepared for Horse Racing
Saratoga Race Track also unveiled the opening event for the live harness race of its 80th season. The start is scheduled for March 1, 2021, with races on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Spectators cannot witness the live race, but the owner of the horse can attend each time one of the horses participates, but they also have to make a reservation. The venue will introduce two new bets in addition to the famous Pick-5 with Jackpot Super High Five and Pix Six Jackpot.

Winter series rescheduling
Woodbine Entertainment also informed the public about the rescheduling of several winter events to be held at racetracks in Ontario. The Family Datrotting Series and the Wine & Rose Trotting Series will be changed to March 8, 2021. Blizzard Pacing Event will be held on March 11, 2021, and Snowshoe Pacing will be held on March 12, 2021. Immediately after the aforementioned event, the final of the Valeditori Pacing Series and Niagara Pacing Series will be held.

industrial expansion
The horse racing leader joined Ontario Racing in Canada’s single betting legalization theme to show support for the proposed change. The amendments appear to be more imminent every day and are gaining major support across the country. Live Harness leaders have expressed support for the introduction of a single event betting but hope authorities will work to protect the horse racing sector from seemingly inevitable changes.

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