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After 12 months of financial turbulence for Canada’s horse racing industry, fans’ favorite live race is finally back this month. Sector leaders are looking for a way out of financial difficulties, and Woodbine Entertainment, one of the most important operators, has announced a new partner for the upcoming Standardbread season at Woodbine Mohawk Park Track.

As with many other business sectors, the unprecedented situation in the horse racing industry has not been easy. Due to lockdown restrictions, races in Ontario have been shelved to deprive equestrian seats and leave many fans of the sport without entertainment. Recently, thanks to green lights and loose lockdown rules, the province’s industry has finally resumed operations.

Most recently, horse racing regulator Woodbine Entertainment issued a public statement at Woodbine Mohawk Park in Ontario regarding its new sponsorship partner, Diamond Creek Farm for the Standardbread Race. The deal will allow the latter to participate in all upcoming season-long and all events on the racetrack.

Founded in 2005 by Adam Bowden, Diamond Creek Farm has established itself as one of the most famous and successful breeding organizations in the horse racing industry at Live Harness. Initially, the company’s focus is to produce royal bloodlines and provide the sector with the highest standards of stallions for sales rings and race tracks. Over the years, breeding stables pride themselves on making impressive horse lists. 온라인카지노

The new sponsor of the race track has previously announced the addition to the lineup of three-time Breeders Crown champion Trotter Kim Pan-ji. The prominent stallion, who won the Dan Patch Award, won one of the Breeders’ Crown honours at the Woodbine Mohawk part in 2019. Betters Wish is another famous name added to the farm’s 2021 breeding season as well.

The prestigious list of breeding farms includes the winners of some of the most famous races on race tracks such as the Pepsi North American Cup, Maple Leaf Trot, and Canadian Trotting Classic. Fans will immediately learn the famous names of the lineup starting with Always B Miki, Betters Wish, Captain Crunch, Crazy Wow, Downbyseaside, Patrick, Father Gimpagne, Marsey, Southwind Frank and Sweet Lou.

New March Events
After rescheduling several Winter Series matches, Woodbine Mohawk Park recently said the month of March would be even more interesting. The harness race leader added several races to his March schedule. The first of the new games will be held on March 25, while the other two will be held on March 26 and 27. The final match will be held on Monday, March 29.

Single Event Betting
In light of current discussions to introduce a single game betting service in Canada, Woodbine Entertainment and Ontario Racing have teamed up on behalf of the state’s horse racing industry. The two leaders voiced their support for the newly proposed change in game rules, but urged authorities to be cautious and implement protective measures to protect the live harness industry from potential damage.

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