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I thought it was over…This time, news of the second rainy season, will “Winter Baseball” become a reality in November

The KBO League, which is about to announce the remaining game schedule, is worried. With the start of three consecutive games during the week, rain news has spread one after another, raising the possibility that rain will be added.

According to the Korea Meteorological Administration’s forecast, the rain, which began on the 22nd, is expected to expand to Jungbu-Honam on the 23rd and to the whole country on the 24th. As a result, whether the four games to be held in Jamsil, Suwon, Incheon, and Daejeon will proceed normally, except for the Doosan Bears-Kium Heroes match at Gocheok Sky Dome, where the game can be played regardless of weather effects, will fall into the fog.

Until the 21st, nine out of 144 regular season games, excluding the KIA Tigers (99 games), played more than 100 games. Kiwoom played the most games with 113 games, while other teams played 102-106 games. However, KIA has 17 remaining games amid a series of rain. 토토사이트

Initially, the 2023 KBO League planned to complete its regular season schedule within September and switch to a postseason system from October, including games that have not been allocated since September 10 due to the abolition of two consecutive games. During the Hangzhou Asian Games in September, he planned to finish the season without delay while carrying out the league schedule. However, as the number of rainy season matches increased this year, such plans were also disrupted. If the rain postponement schedule is added to the unorganized game due to the abolition of two consecutive games, it is virtually impossible to complete the regular season schedule within September.

Considering this, KBO has also decided to apply “Monday Baseball,” which will be postponed to Monday if rain cancellation occurs among three consecutive games on weekends. However, if it rains again on the schedule accumulated so far and the remaining games occur, it is difficult to carry out all the schedules with “Monday Baseball” alone.

In the worst case scenario, a double-header arrangement can cover the remaining competition schedule. With so many dead schedules, it is an inevitable device to complete all postseason schedules within November. As the schedule was delayed due to the Olympic break in the 2021 season during the COVID-19 era, the season was ended by using Gocheok Sky Dome as a neutral stadium. However, considering the capacity to accommodate Gocheok Dome, which has a maximum capacity of less than 20,000, it is inevitable that it will have to bear box office losses and there will be problems in distributing profits. There is also a lot of pressure to repeat the disappointment caused by teams that went through the postseason in the Corona era not being able to play home games.

KBO will announce the remaining game schedule within next week.

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