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‘Woo Sang-hyeok rival’ Barsim’s 4-game losing streak… “I have prepared enough.”

Budapest World Championships Men’s High Jump Qualifying Round 20th, 5:35pm

Mutaz Esa Barsim (32, Qatar), a rival of Woo Sang-hyeok (27, Yongin City Hall) and regarded as the ‘best jumper in active play,’ said,

“Even while I wasn’t playing in the game, I was I was playing hard,” he said proudly.

Mutaz Esa Barsim

In an interview published by the organizing committee of the 2023 World Championships in Athletics in Budapest on the 18th (local time),

Barsim said, “It is true that I have not played many real matches this season, but I have prepared enough.” I checked my body condition.

I am a player who knows when and what to do.” 바카라사이트

Barsim has competed only four times this season. Woo Sang-hyeok,

who will compete with Barshim for the men’s high jump title at the World Championships,

has competed in nine official events this year.

Barsim, who suffered serious back and calf injuries in 2017, has since adjusted his ‘number of appearances’.

He doesn’t appear in many matches, but Barshim is still regarded as one of the best jumpers of all time.

He held the record of 2m43, the second-highest ever and the highest in his career,

this year also set the world record for the season of 2m36.

Barsim also achieved three consecutive World Championships in London (2m35) in 2017, Doha (2m37) in 2019, and Eugene (2m37) in 2022.

The second place in the 2022 Eugene competition was Woo Sang-hyuk, who exceeded 2m35.

“Sometimes training says more,” says Barsim.

The results from the competition are only a reflection of part of my training,” he said. “Even when I wasn’t competing, I trained hard.

I always tried to make today better than yesterday, and I fought against adversity such as injury and won,” he stressed. “


I am in Budapest right now,” he said, “I don’t know what the result will be, but I will do my best.” showed a desire for

The men’s high jump qualifying round for the Budapest World Championships will be held on the 20th at 5:35 pm in Korea time at the Budapest National Track and Field Stadium in Hungary.

A total of 37 players were named on the list of entrants for the men’s high jump.

The 37 players will be divided into two groups to compete, and if the final automatic entry record exceeds 2m30 or if they are in the top 12 regardless of group, they will advance to the finals starting at 2:58 am on the 23rd.

If the top 12 are covered before attempting the 2m30, the qualifying round ends.

World Championships

At the 2022 Eugene World Championships, the automatic entry record for the finals was 2m30, but the preliminary round ended with 13 finalists, including a tie for 12th place in the 2m28.

At last year’s World Championship preliminary, Woo Sang-hyeok passed 2m17, 2m21, 2m25, and 2m28 all in the first round, advancing to the final with just four jumps.

In the finals, she overcame 2m35 and came second.

It was the best performance ever at the Korean track and field world championships, surpassing Kim Hyun-seop, the bronze medalist in the men’s 20km walking race at the 2011 Daegu Games.

Woo Sang-hyeok

Woo Sang-hyeok aims to win the world championship for the first time in Korean track and field history in Budapest this year.

Experts also pick Barshim, who won three consecutive World Championships, Jubon Harrison (USA), who won the Diamond League three times this year, and Woo Sang-hyeok as candidates for the championship.

Armed with thorough preparation and confidence, ‘Smile Jumper’ Woo Sang-hyeok took a ‘memorial photo’ with coach Kim Do-gyun at the National Athletics Stadium in Budapest on the 19th with a bright expression.

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