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Two months before the National Sports Festival…What’s the key to successful hosting?

This year’s national sports festival in Jeollanam-do is just two months away.

Jeollanam-do is continuing to prepare for the successful hosting of the sports festival from various angles.

However, the challenge remains to make a breakthrough to overcome the awareness of the sports festival, which has fallen compared to the past, and to secure accommodation facilities where more than 30,000 visitors will stay.

I’m reporter Kim Jungdae

The National Sports Festival is just two months away.

The main stadium, Mokpo General Stadium, has a 99% process rate and is expected to be completed early next month.

The installation of major facilities such as tracks and stands has been completed, and only the construction of the surrounding.

It is Mokpo Main Stadium where the flower track and field event of the sports event will be held.

On the 19th, the city and provincial track and field competitions will be held first to raise the atmosphere of the national sports festival to the fullest.

Jeollanam-do held a briefing session on the progress of the sports event and began a full-fledged inspection.

In particular, as it is the first sports event held in Jeollanam-do in 15 years, it seems to be focusing on measures to welcome guests.

Officials in charge of guiding 17 city and provincial teams and overseas Korean athletes were designated as provincial officials, and thorough preparations were made by checking the parking capacity and the number of toilets at each stadium.

In order to create an atmosphere for the sports festival, we will also push for a plan to link it with festivals and events in each city and county, including Mokpo.

In the case of the volunteer group, 4,028 people were selected, and more than 30% of the target was recruited due to the hot enthusiasm for participation.

In addition, we plan to heat up the atmosphere by using 15,000 provincial cheering squads.

However, at a time when the awareness of the sports event itself is lower than in the past, there is still a task to make a breakthrough to improve it.

In addition, securing accommodation facilities to accommodate at least 30,000 visitors, including athletes and tourists, is expected to be the key to the success of the sports event. 먹튀검증

[Lim Young-bok/Hadang-dong, Mokpo-si: “It is a nationwide event, and I hope that it will be thoroughly prepared and carried out safely as one of Mokpo citizens.” It’s going to help a lot. But I heard that we don’t have enough accommodation…

Jeollanam-do Province plans to complete the inspection of the progress of the opening and closing ceremonies at the end of this month, which will mark the beginning and end of the sports festival, and will start setting up the stage next month.

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