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Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do, announced on Sept. 9 that Savuk Middle School has been selected for the Korea Sports Council’s school athletic department start-up support project As a result of the selection, Savuk Middle School will receive up to three years of support from the Korean Sports Federation Savuk Middle School founded its taekwondo team in May with coach Kim Seo-jin and players Lee Yeo-jin, Kim Gi-dam, and Jeon Chan-min Since its inception, the 스포츠토토 team has been performing well in various national competitions “The start-up grant from the Korea Sports Council will be a great help in the operation and revitalization of the taekwondo club,” said Kim Seo-jin. “Although we are a small school in an abandoned mining area, we will do our best to teach our students so that we can be called a prestigious taekwondo school.”

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