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Over the past few days, the theme of potential casino locations built on the site of the old Ontario Place has become increasingly popular in the region. Local lawmakers have expressed their position on the possibility of introducing game facilities, and Toronto Mayor John Tory recently joined the opposition to the project.

This Monday, he issued an official statement informing the public that the area may not be the best environment for casino construction and development. He expressed his personal opinion that the gambling house located in downtown Toronto is not the best decision for both the local and community at the moment.

Furthermore, he argued that the construction of such facilities and the subsequent initiation of businesses were not the most convenient to use of available space.

Casno Place deemed inappropriate as an Ontario Place
Toronto’s coastal area is one of the most beautiful places in the region and regularly attracts thousands of people from nearby and far away. Many tourists also prefer it as a place to provide the best view, which is why the market considers the game venue unnecessary. He said gambling houses in Toronto are quite developed as they are now and there is no demand for new places for the time being. 슬롯

Woodbine Casino recently introduced a new service in the area with the launch of Toronto’s first live table game, which attracted considerable attention to the area. In this sense, Mayor Tory argued that the Toronto coastal area should focus on economic development. The aforementioned introduction of casinos in northwestern Toronto has been able to provide many new jobs and has had a positive impact on the job market.

A new casino location on the former Ontario Place site would provide a much stronger boost to the sector, but it could also result in cannibalizing the region’s gaming sector, a highly undesirable outcome. Mayor Tory also defended his opposition to the proposed game venue and insisted he would keep Doug Ford’s Conservative government well aware of this.

There are still past complaints about the game room
The opportunities for development of the parcels located on the coast of Lake Ontario are vast, and this project should not hesitate to diversify the entertainment offerings available in downtown Toronto. The artificially built islands make the area more attractive. You may recall that the conversation about the future of Ontario Place was an ongoing conversation that strives to meet the expectations of all parties involved.

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