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Otani’s Perfect June…MVP monopolization

Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels, who is literally performing more like a cartoon than a cartoon, dominated the weekly and monthly MVP.Ohtani will play three consecutive games against Kim Ha-sung’s team San Diego.The first game is Kim Ha-sung’s decision victory.
“Is there anyone else?” This is the response left by the Major League Baseball Secretariat when it reported Otani’s monthly MVP selection.

Otani, who ended the past month with a batting average of .394 with 15 home runs, won the American League Most Valuable Player.In particular, he recorded a total of 1.444 on-base percentage and slugging percentage, and only four players, including Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, have higher monthly records in major league history.The weekly MVP was also Otani’s job.In the only game he pitched as a starting pitcher last week, he pitched well with 10 strikeouts and one run in 6⅓ innings, while hitting two home runs to lead the team to victory.There were only five players in Major League history who struck out 10 times as a pitcher and hit multiple home runs as a batter.Ohtani, who is writing a new history in the Major League, also started as a batter in the game against San Diego on the 4th.However, he only picked out two walks in three at-bats.San Diego’s Kim Ha-sung continued his three-game hitting streak with one hit in five at-bats, helping the team win.His performance in defense stood out, catching a high ball in a straight line in the top of the second inning.Kim Ha-sung will face starting pitcher Ohtani on the 5th.LA Dodgers’ Kershaw has been hampered by injuries again.Kershaw, who failed to fill regular innings due to frequent injuries from 2020 to last year, announced his revival by ranking first in the National League in the first half of this year.
However, as he was on the 15-day injured list due to pain in his left shoulder, he failed to participate in the All-Star Game.

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