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Las Vegas Sands is stepping up efforts to pursue full casino licenses in northern New York. Recently, the gambling leader announced at the Naso Veterans Memorial Coliseum that he has secured Canyon Ranch, a leader in destination wellness, in a $4 billion bid for an integrated casino resort on Long Island.

New York is in the process of awarding three casino licenses available in the northern region. In January, the Game Location Facilities Committee began an application request to decide which place will be the three winning venues after hearing offers from companies. The committee’s decision will go back to the New York State Game Commission for a final vote.

Once Las Vegas Sands wins one of its three licenses, it plans to build a gambling resort with a five-star hotel and a casino floor with slot machines, table games and sports betting, which also includes a premium world class live concert venue honoring live music at the Nassau Coliseum. 슬롯게임

Last week, the company strengthened its bid opportunities by merging Canyon Ranch. The latter owns and operates two resort locations designed to focus on health and well-being. The two properties are located in Lennox, Massachusetts, and Tucson, Arizona, and offer customers a variety of services and amenities.

CR provides spa and beauty, fitness, nutrition, health, mental and mental amenities in the service package. With this partnership, we can offer the best service in the world and showcase our spa once we have obtained one of the licenses. However, for the “Life Style Reset” package, the cost of accommodation is not very low because it starts at US$1,000 the night before the charge and tax.

There is still a long way to go
However, Las Vegas Sands and its partners must explain that they still have a long way to go before they get one of the licenses, and there is no guarantee that they will. This is because many candidates and two licenses for Queens’ Resorts World New York City and Yonkers’ Empire City Casino have been almost confirmed.

But over the past few months, with the support of the Nasau County Legislature, the company’s chances have increased. In May 2023, Congress voted 17-1 in favor of allowing the gambling leader to rent, paving the way for the launch of a global casino resort. They cited job creation and economic prosperity in the region.

But there are people who don’t like building casino complexes in Nassau County, for example, directors at Hofstra University sent an open letter describing the proposed game project as “completely inappropriate,” plus a group of locals protesting against it, saying “no” to the Casino Citizens Association.

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