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The Ontario Lottery and Game Company celebrates the 30th anniversary of the winning tone of “Winner! Gagnant!” with a special announcement. For the event, Crown Company will release a new remix of local Ontario artists Loud Luxury and Preston Pablo. The tone will now be recorded on a statewide tour.

OLG’s classic winton is played whenever an individual wins a prize through the Crown Agency. The playful jingle, with an average of 180 million won in prize money each year over the past decade, is one of Ontario’s most noticeable sounds. And to mark its 30th anniversary, OLG is speaking out outside retail stores to travel a little bit across the state.

Popular music duo loud luxury performed a short part of a remix version of Win Tone produced in collaboration with Preston Pablo on the main stage of VELD. The new version will be played by OLG throughout the summer. And when an individual hears, they and everyone around them take home a big prize. 온라인카지노

Maxine Chapman, vice president of brand and marketing at OLG, is pleased that Crown has teamed up with two JUNO-winning artists to provide new awareness of the winners! Gagnant! Tone. For years, she said, this sound has been a synonym for winning, and every time this sound is played, someone has won and the community is benefiting from it.

Loud Luxury said he hopes to work with OLG and Preston Pablo to bring a lot of fun to people, just as Loud Luxury borrowed classical tones. Meanwhile, Preston Pablo noted that the classic tone is iconic and he is very happy to be involved in a new remix titled Loud Luxury.

OLG is willing to spread its winning streak throughout the summer by touring Winner!Gagnant!Win Tone in communities and events in Ontario for celebrations. As part of the campaign, Crown Corporation will offer prize packs, tickets for the most interesting events, and more. All stops can be found at Bringhome the Wincar.

Latest news on OLG
Ontario learned Crown Corporation was named on Forbes’ list of Canada’s top diversity employers for 2023. The advent of this list is the latest recognition of OLG’s progress in creating an inclusive culture that respects, praises and recognizes employee differences as strengths.

But this wasn’t all news for July as OLG signed a new partnership deal with Gateway Casino & Entertainment. Through the deal, the operator will promote OLG’s online slots, table games, live casinos and digital sportsbooks, PROLINE+, on to guests at 14 game venues across Ontario.

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