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Kiwoom, full of excitement, loves ‘sharing’ more than dancing

Even with an annual salary of 100 million won, the foundation operates and supports baseball supplies for low-income families.

After Addison Russell left the team due to injury, Ronnie Dawson (28),

a foreign hitter wearing a professional baseball Kiwoom Heroes uniform as a substitute last month,

wielded a batting average of 0.337 (33 hits in 98 at-bats), 3 home runs and 16 RBIs in 26 games. .

He enjoys every single hit like a child seeing snow for the first time,

and delivers positive energy to his fans by performing a delicious K-pop dance.


In an interview at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 19th, Dawson said, “I don’t intentionally exaggerate.

It’s just my personality.”

The song always comes out so I can concentrate more. 카지노사이트킹

Believe that we should keep the tension high whether we get a hit or not,” he explained the secret to his success.

The time Dawson enjoys more than hitting and dancing is when he shares what he has.

Kiwoom Team

Employees of the Kiwoom team received chocolates from Dawson as a gift ahead of the Gocheok Lotte Giants game on the 19th.

As the Kiwoom club staff said, “It’s the first time I’ve ever been a good foreign player who treats people like that,” Dawson shows ‘good influence’ not only in baseball but also in action.


As Dawson, who joined Kiwoom during the season, has an annual salary of $80,000,

which is a rare ‘low-salary’ player in the recent KBO league.

In terms of our money, it is a little over 100 million won, and after taxes and agent fees are paid,

only the salary of an office worker at a mid-sized domestic company remains.

Before coming to Korea, he played in the American independent league,

even though he is not financially well off, he does not hesitate to share his own.

As Dawson founded a charitable foundation called Baseball & CO this year.

The purpose is to provide supplies to black youths who cannot play baseball for economic reasons.

Dawson Sports

Played both American football and baseball during his school days,

was drafted into the major leagues as the first black player from Ohio State University in the United States.

He says “the happiest moment of my life” was when he delivered baseball equipment

to 20 black students at Columbus High School in his hometown, Ohio, USA. Dawson said ,

“There aren’t many black players in the major leagues, and I was lucky enough to have my parents support me,

but I don’t get a fair chance.

My parents always said, ‘You have to give back what you get.’ I want to create an environment where people don’t give up on baseball.”

“I started playing baseball thanks to my family, and my driving force is to give my wife and children (in the US) a better life. I want to share,” he added.

And Dawson is not yet financially well off, but he is raising funds and selling products through his homepage (

Kind Hearted Person

Also, Dawson is a player who knows how to appreciate everyone around him.

It became known that he left a handwritten thank you letter to the hotel staff while visiting the hotel for a visiting game, and it became a hot topic for a while.

He laughed, saying, “Actually, I just copied and wrote what the interpreter wrote in Korean.

And He doesn’t speak Korean well yet.”

While interviewing a reporter, when they discovered the commonality of having young children,

he apologized for a while and then suddenly ran toward the locker.

After a while, he appeared with a smile, and in his hand was the batting glove he had been wearing before.

It was not difficult to confirm from Dawson’s expression that the saying ‘happiness grows bigger when shared’ is true.

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