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At least 40 million won for all 736 people… Eyes focused on the ‘prize distribution’ of the Women’s World Cup

Korea Football Association

Korea Football Association, etc. “When received from FIFA, it will be distributed to the players immediately”

Round of 16 8,000 120 million won… The winning Spaniards received 360 million won each.

As the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand ended with Spain’s victory

attention now focuses on the ‘prize distribution’ ambitiously announced by the International Football Federation (FIFA).

International Football Federation

FIFA said that it would make sure that the prize money for this World Cup goes to the players,

proposed a new distribution system that fixes the amount each player will receive according to their progress in each round.

Even if a certain team is eliminated from the group stage,

all 23 players receive 30,000 dollars (approximately 40 million won) each.

The purpose is to prevent football associations from taking ‘distribution margin’ in the process of delivering the bounty money received from FIFA.

However, there are doubts about whether the transparent enforcement will be achieved

as FIFA does not come up with a plan to control each association while avoiding the ‘direct deposit’ method.

Excluding some of the players-association collective agreements,

there is no clear window to demand fair enforcement.

First of all, several associations, including the Korea Football Association, 스포츠토토

openly announced that they would distribute the prize money to the players immediately after receiving the prize money from FIFA.

An official from the Korea Football Association told on the 22nd,

“We plan to distribute the amount to the players as it is according to the procedure according to the amount requested by FIFA.”

According to FIFA, 2.25 million dollars (3 billion won) will be allocated as the total prize money for the teams eliminated in the group stage.

1.56 million dollars (2.1 billion won) minus the 690,000 dollars to be distributed to the players will go to the Korea Football Association.

German Football Association

The German Football Association and the host country New Zealand,

which were eliminated from Group H in the group stage together because they were caught by Korea in the final game,

also announced to the sports media The Athletic that they would abide by the principle of ‘immediate payment upon receipt’.

The Zambia Football Association, which lost 0-5 consecutively to Japan and Spain in Group C,

is also in a position to directly deliver 30,000 dollars to each player.

However, it remains to be seen whether the Zambia Football Association will distribute the prize money without a hitch,

given the controversy surrounding coach Bruce Mwafe’s sexual misconduct and his financial capabilities being questioned even before the opening.

According to the British daily Guardian, most Zambian players are known to have not been properly paid for about two years after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics held in 2021 and before the World Cup.

Team players who returned from the round of 16, including the United States, receive 60,000 dollars (80 million won) per person.

Among them, the United States has already promised players more prize money than this according to a collective agreement.

This is because the men’s team players decided to divide the money in half after adding the prize money they secured from the World Cup in Qatar.

According to the New York Times, US players were expected to receive 298,400 dollars (400 million won)

each even if they were eliminated in the group stage at this Women’s World Cup.

American Football Association

The American Football Association told The Athletic, “It is true that each association should give money ($30,000) to the players of the teams eliminated in the group stage.

But the United States is different. The players have already secured 10 times the prize money (FIFA The policy) does not have a significant impact,” he said.

Japanese players who made it to the quarterfinals also get a bonus of 90,000 dollars (120 million won) per person.

Japan Football Association

The Japan Football Association said, “If you add the bonus paid by our association to the prize money given by FIFA,

the players’ share is equal to that of Samurai Blue (men’s national team).”

Athletes from Australia and Sweden, the host countries, will receive 165,000 dollars (220 million won) each.

Australia has confirmed a separate payment according to the collective agreement,

but Sweden will not give bonuses other than FIFA prize money.

The runner-up, England, secured 195,000 dollars (260 million won) and the champion,

Spain, 270,000 dollars (360 million won) each, securing FIFA prize money to be distributed to the players.

However, neither team has revealed specific execution plans to The Athletic.

Spain will receive 10.5 million dollars (14.1 billion won) in winning prize money,

including the remaining 4.29 million dollars for the association.

This is ¼ of Argentina, the winner of last year’s Men’s World Cup in Qatar.

Argentina secured $42 million (56.3 billion won).

The total prize money set by FIFA for this Women’s World Cup is 110 million dollars (147.4 billion won).

The World Cup in Qatar was 440 million dollars (approximately 589.5 billion won).

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