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Ivo Grbic congratulates Team K League on their victory.

Team K-League came from behind to beat Atletico Madrid 3-2 in the Coupang Playoff Series at Seoul World Cup Stadium on Sunday at 8 p.m. KST.

After the game, Grbic met with reporters in the joint press area.

“First of all, before I talk about the result, I want to say thank you to everyone who came to the stadium, because we had a very big welcome here in Korea, so I want to thank them for that, and then I want to talk about the game, because it was a tough, complicated and difficult game, because for us it was the first game of the preseason to start the season, so it was bound to be difficult. Anyway, it’s a process to keep moving forward, so we’ll use those things as a springboard.”

On how he felt about playing against the K League players, he said, “Basically, it must have been difficult for the K League All-Stars, because they just got together and played their first game and came together for one game. There must have been a lot of difficulties there, but they functioned very well as a team and played a lot even when they didn’t have the ball, so I would like to congratulate the K League All-Stars for winning today.”

When asked if he talked to any of the players after the game, he said, “I didn’t talk to them much. In the first half, we talked a little bit, but I didn’t have a special conversation with any Korean players. If I talk about 토토사이트 the feeling I got, I felt that as a team we have a very high level of players, and I think it was a good experience for the Korean players, because Atletico is a team that is going to the Champions League. It’s just one game, but I think it’s a good experience because you can be competitive when you come to Europe later on based on what you played.”

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