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The KBL practical skills test was held for ordinary people who dream of becoming professional basketball players. Let’s meet the challengers with various stories.

As he warms up before the game, he dunks lightly. 18-year-old Jo Jun-hee, who is 189 cm tall and has excellent elasticity, speed, and shooting ability

fell in love with the charm of basketball, which he learned as a hobby in Canada, where he studied abroad at the age of 11, and developed his dream of becoming a professional player. came.

While he was attending college in the United States, he took a leave of absence from school to participate in the KBL rookie draft and returned to Korea to take part in this practical test. With his outstanding skills, he was noticed by professional club coaching staff and scouts.

[Joonhee Jo/1st year student at Cerritos University, leave of absence: Even if I don’t get selected this time, I will continue to take on other challenges and work hard to improve and try to become a good player.] Lieutenant Lee Sang-beom, a 26-year-old graduate of the Military Academy, also caught the eye 토토사이트

. Because he is an active-duty soldier, he cannot participate in the rookie draft right away even if he passes this practical test, but he did his best to hit the court with all his might to confirm his potential as a professional basketball player, which is his dream.

Three former college athletes who had not been selected before also took up the challenge once again.

[Seomoon Se-chan/2022 Rookie Draft Elimination: All I can see is basketball. I am very desperate, and I will bite like a zombie (without falling down even if I fail).]

Among the 10 challengers, the successful candidates announced today (5th) will participate in the rookie draft on the 21st and knock on the door of becoming a professional.

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