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At the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, the world’s best archery team won the women’s team event for the 7th time in a row.

The baseball team also advanced to the finals and attempted to win the championship for the fourth time in a row, and the badminton team also advanced to the finals of men’s doubles, including women’s singles powerhouse Ahn Se-young.

After all, we are the people of the bow, right? Our archery team won its second gold medal in this competition.

Yes, our athletes in the women’s team event hit the golden target.

Im Si-hyun, Ansan, and Choi Mi-sun won the final against China today with a set score of 5 to 3.

Since the 1998 Bangkok Games, she has reached the top spot seven times in a row without missing a beat.

This is our second gold medal in archery at this competition, including the men’s and women’s mixed team event.

This is truly amazing. In particular, Im Si-hyun, the youngest member of the national team, is challenging for three gold medals?

Yes, Im Si-hyeon shared the title with Lee Woo-seok in the mixed event, and she won two gold medals, including the gold medal in the women’s team event. 토토사이트

It doesn’t end here, Im Si-hyeon has also advanced to the women’s individual finals tomorrow.

If Im Si-hyeon wins here as well, she will become the third Asian Games archery gold medalist in 37 years since the 1986 Seoul Games.

Our opponent in the finals is Ansan, winner of three gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics.

The seniors and juniors of the national team pledged to compete in good faith. Let’s take a listen.

(Ansan “No matter what game the two players play, the Korean player will win, so we said that we should have fun without feeling pressured, and we will try to do the same in reality.” Im Si-hyeon “I have the same thoughts as Sani, and I will be there tomorrow

. “I want to have a lot of fun at the game”)

The baseball team, which is trying to win its fourth consecutive championship, advanced to the finals, right?

Yes, today in the Super Round match against China, we achieved an easy 8-1 victory with 16 hits.

Regardless of the matches held in Japan and Taiwan shortly afterwards, they advanced to the finals in second place in the Super Round.

Tomorrow’s final opponent is Taiwan, and we were defeated 0-4 in the preliminaries.

However, the national team is seeking revenge, saying they will not lose twice.

The national team plans to blockade Taiwan with Moon Dong-ju, the first Korean athlete to throw over 160 km/h, and ace Kwak Bin.

I am especially glad to see the revival of center hitter Kang Baek-ho.

Yes, Kang Baek-ho led the batting lineup today with 3 hits in 4 at-bats, 1 RBI, and 2 runs, and he even hit a large home run in the 3rd inning that put a wedge in the game.

Kang Baek-ho was criticized for chewing gum on the bench while losing at the Tokyo Olympics two years ago, and at this year’s World Baseball Classic, he was criticized for forgetting the basics even after hitting a double.

Nevertheless, he is an essential player for the national team as a problem solver who can provide a shot in the arm. Although he was silent with no hits in the preliminary round against Taiwan, he hit his first home run in today’s tournament, raising expectations for tomorrow’s finals.

Let’s listen to Kang Baek-ho’s thoughts.

(Rather than my first home run, I think I was very happy that I had such an influence on helping our country win.)

Our badminton team, which won the gold medal in the women’s team event for the first time in 29 years, also showed an upward trend in the individual competition, right?

Yes, today we advanced to the finals in the women’s singles and men’s doubles and secured two silver medals.

Ahn Se-young, the world’s strongest player, defeated China’s He Bing-jiao 2-0 in the semifinals, and men’s doubles players Choi Sol-gyu and Kim Won-ho also defeated Taiwan’s Lee Yang and Wang Ji-lin, who won the Tokyo Olympics.

In the women’s doubles, Kim So-young, paired with Gong Hee-yong, fought hard due to a calf injury, but unfortunately the final was canceled, and in the mixed doubles, Seo Seung-jae and Chae Yu-jeong added valuable bronze medals.

It is said that Ahn Se-young’s victory was particularly meaningful. What was the story behind it?

Yes, the opponent that Ahn Se-young completely defeated today is He Bingjiao, who appeared in the third singles match and was completely defeated by Kim Ga-eun in the finals of the women’s team match between Korea and China on the 1st.

He Bingjiao, ranked 5th in the world, was in some ways a blow to Kim Ga-eun, who was ranked 18th, and it must have been even more disappointing because it was a match where China’s defeat was confirmed.

However, after the game, Chinese netizens outrageously criticized Kim Ga-eun and our national team coach Sung Ji-hyun.

Ga-eun Kim and Coach Seong held a ceremony looking up at the sky in excitement after the victory, but they imitated and made fun of He Bing-jao, who was disappointed after the loss.

Some Chinese netizens maliciously stitched together videos of He Bingjiao, Kim Ga-eun, and Coach Sung and posted them on social media. The number of views exceeded 100 million, and Kim Ga-eun’s SNS was flooded with abusive comments from Chinese people.

This happened by chance. Isn’t it truly the devil’s editing?

Yes, the two scenes could never have happened at the same time because there was a time difference.

Kim Ga-eun confessed that she was so upset that her social media comment function was blocked due to endless attacks of abusive language.

Meanwhile, Ahn Se-young defeated He Bing-jiao, who received one-sided support from the Chinese audience today, but the difference in skills was so great that the Chinese audience had no time to cheer.

Rather, the cheering of our fans, who were small in number, was louder, but Ahn Se-young silenced the cheers of the Chinese audience.

Let’s listen to Ahn Se-young.

(When I scored, the Korean crowd’s cheering helped me out. Chinese cheering? Not much, right?)

Ahn Se-young is likely to meet China’s Chen Yu-fei in the final tomorrow, and she already won 2-0 in the team final. .

Let’s hope that Ahn Se-young will quiet the Chinese audience tomorrow as well.

This is the death rate of CBS News in Hangzhou so far.

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