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WKBL referees run hard as raindrops fall in Sokrishan, Chungcheongbuk-do.

It’s not an easy course, running over 8 kilometers on a sloping mountain road.

The weather doesn’t help, but they overcome it with a positive mind.

[Ham Ji-sun/Women’s Professional Basketball Referee : “(It’s harder in the rain, right?) But I think it’s cooler because it’s raining.”]

The rain is getting stronger and I’m soaking wet, but I can’t give up.


All 15 of us, without exception, from a 23-year veteran referee to a group of younger referees, ran non-stop to finish.

Arriving at the finish line after about 50 minutes of running, I enjoyed fighting with myself as I timed myself like an athlete.

[Trainer: “48 minutes.”]

[Lee Won-seok/Women’s Professional Basketball Referee : “I think this intensity of exercise is necessary because we referees run as much as the players, so I think we should start with this and continue to manage our physical fitness (before the opening).”]

Running in the mountains in the morning, followed by indoor training in the afternoon.

The WKBL even hired a dedicated trainer five years ago to systematically improve the physical fitness of its referees.

It is said that referees are only as good as their bodies, 카지노사이트넷 but they want fans to recognize their efforts to make accurate and fair decisions.

[Shin Jeong-ah/Women’s Professional Basketball Referee: “There are more people who think that we only see referees during the game, so I hope that they know that we always try to make fair decisions.”]

Players weren’t the only ones sweating it out during the off-season to bring fans a more entertaining basketball game.

KBS News’ Moon Young-kyu.

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