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The KIA Tigers have a solid outfield. In addition to Na Sung-bum, Socrates Brito, Choi Won-joon, Lee Woo-sung, Lee Chang-jin, Ko Jong-wook, Kim Ho-ryung, and Park Jung-woo, the outfield is full. Therefore, it is necessary to organize traffic in the outfield. The reason why Lee Woo-sung, who has emerged as a starter, is also playing first base is not unrelated to traffic.

In 2020, the team lacked a solid outfield. Choi Won-jun was the starter in right field and leadoff. With Na signing a six-year free agent contract and Socrates establishing himself as an honorable mention outfielder, the outfield was saturated. Choi Won-jun returned from the disabled list in June, but there was no room for him. He also played first base.

The 2024 season will start with a solid three-man outfield. The key will be Choi’s performance. A shoulder injury in the mercantile industry hampered his season. After being discharged from the military, he tried to return to first base, but it didn’t work out and he went back to the outfield. At the plate, his 174 hits, 2.9 HRs, and 40 stolen bases in 2020 were nowhere near what he was capable of, so the expectation is that he will return to form in 2024.

He is currently rehabbing in Gwangju after suffering a calf fascia injury.

Choi was selected for the Hangzhou Asian Games, but was hit by a pitch during batting practice. He was unable to play a single game. Upon returning home, a medical examination revealed a serious injury and he was out for the season. The team was unable to utilize Choi Won-jun and was eliminated in the fifth round. He hasn’t had much time to spin the bat since the end of the season, as he is currently in Okinawa’s finishing camp.

But he’s not taking a break. Instead, he met with clinic director Na Sung-bum. He’s a weight training teacher. He has an excellent track record of bulking up Kim Do-young. Now, 카지노사이트 Choi Won-jun is his student. He is building a stronger body. Of course, it’s not just about the body. Through many conversations, his mind can also be strengthened. He is absorbing Na’s know-how. This is why the 2024 season is positive.

He has a triple threat offensively, with the ability to run and steal bases, as well as outfield defense. With Choi Won-jun back in 2020, the KIA lineup will be scary. Manager Kim Jong-kook envisions Choi as the centerpiece of the outfield. A solid center fielder would make the outfield even stronger. It will also complement the physical strength of Socrates, who is likely to be re-signed, and improve his batting.

Manager Kim Jong-kook said, “Socrates has a physical burden. We can turn him into a corner outfielder. I think Won Jun-i should play center field because he’s younger and has more range. I like the idea of Socrates in left field, Sung-beom in right field, and Won-joon in center field. Won Jun is still inexperienced in center, but I think he can do a good job.”

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