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Team Korea’s head coach Hong Myung-bo was in high spirits after his side pulled off a thrilling come-from-behind victory thanks to goalkeeper Lee Chang-geun and Lee Soon-min’s goal.

Team K League, led by Hong Myung-bo, defeated Atletico Madrid (Spain) 3-2 in the first leg of the Coupang Play Series at Seoul World Cup Stadium on July 27.

After the game, head coach Hong Myung-bo said, “I’m happy to win in front of a large crowd. I think we did a good job of conveying our gratitude to the many people who support the K League by not giving up until the end and presenting them with an upset victory.”

When asked about the first-half deficit, Hong praised Lee Chang-geun, saying, “We were outclassed in the first half, but Lee Chang-geun’s saves only cost us one goal, and I think that gave us the momentum to catch up in the second half.”

When asked how he felt about Madrid under world-renowned coach Simeone, he reiterated, “I could feel the difference in level between us in the first half,” and then added, “I also felt that they were a very well-organized team.”

When asked what it was like to hear the ‘goodbye’ chant from the 카지노 Team K League supporters’ section after Lee Soon-min scored the game-winning goal, Hong laughed and said, “I thought it was Ulsan,” before adding, “The crowd turned on their cell phone lights and sang, so the atmosphere was the same and I was even more happy.”

“I don’t think it’s necessary to protest so much in a friendly match,” Hong said, referring to Simeone’s behavior during the game, when he complained to the assistant referee several times and made strong appeals, especially during penalty kicks.

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