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SSG Landers left-handed pitcher Kim Tae-hoon, 33, took the mound and threw a ball before the bell rang to start the game. The pitch, which is not recognized as an official record, was the last ball Kim threw as a “player. SSG starter Kim Kwang-hyun watched Kim’s pitch from behind the mound and embraced his junior with a big hug. SSG held the ‘Kim Tae-hoon Retirement Ceremony’ at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 17th, the last day of the 2023 Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) regular season.Kim threw out the ceremonial first pitch against the Doosan Bears. After the game, he said goodbye to the fans. Before the game, Kim gave a ‘final interview’ in the dugout. Kim decided to retire in September and played his last official game in the Futures (2nd Division) League against the Hanwha Eagles on September 23. “I threw the ball with the thought, ‘Since it’s my last time, let me die once,’ and my fastball reached 145 kilometers per hour,” he said, laughing fondly. “Before I could even think about reversing my retirement, my juniors threw me a beer and held a ‘mini-retirement ceremony,’ so I gave up.”Kim Tae-hoon became known as the “next ace” when he pitched a perfect game at the Michuholgi National High School Baseball Tournament in August 2008, when he was in the third grade at Copper Warehouse, earning him the nickname “Mr. Perfect”. SSG’s predecessor organization, the SK Wyverns, drafted Kim Tae-hoon in the first round in 2009. Through this season, Kim has made 302 appearances in the first team, posting an 18-22 record with nine saves and a 5.18 ERA in 64 appearances. In 2018 (9-3 with a 3.83 ERA in 10 appearances) and 2019 (4-5 with seven saves and a 3.88 ERA in 27 appearances), he was one of the team’s key pitchers. In 2018, when SK won the Korean Series, he was considered the “hero of the championship” as he pitched in all eight games of the playoffs and Korean Series, allowing just one run in 11 innings. This year, however, Tae-hoon didn’t make a single appearance on the first team mound and eventually decided to hang up his jersey. “After staying in the second team for two years, I had a lot of thoughts. There are a lot of good juniors and my competitiveness has dropped, so I decided to retire.” “I’ve done everything I wanted to do as a player. I still have vivid memories of throwing a perfect game in high school and playing with the team when they won the Korean Series in 2018. I’ve tried everything and hit a wall, so I have no regrets.” “I also have a second life plan. When he announced his retirement to the club, Kim Won-hyung and other seniors such as Ko Hyo-joon, Noh Kyung-eun, and Kim Kwang-hyun urged him to continue playing. However, Kim was not deterred. “My brothers are older than me, but they are still in good shape. I really admire them,” he said, adding, “I don’t have the confidence to throw like them now. Now that I have decided to retire, I feel a sense of regret.” Of course, there 카지노사이트 are regrets. Kim Tae-hoon said, “I was a player with ups and downs. It’s a shame that I couldn’t throw consistently well.”

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