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The New York Mets of the Major League Baseball (MLB), which was considered a candidate for the destination of Ryu Hyun-jin (36), recruited left-handed pitcher Sean Manaiah.The possibility of left-handed starting pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin going to the Mets has decreased.Local media such as the New York Post reported on the 7th, “The Mets agreed to join Manaiah on a two-year contract for a total of $28 million,” and added, “The contract states that Manaiah will opt out after the 2024 season (break his existing contract and become a free agent again). “It also included a clause allowing signing a contract,” the report said.

Manaia is a full-time big leaguer who has been a starting pitcher since 2016.In the 2023 season, he posted 7 wins, 6 losses, and an average ERA of 4.44 with the San Francisco Giants. said, “Mannaia performed poorly in the starting pitching at the beginning of the season, but showed an overwhelming performance after moving to the bullpen. In particular, after returning to the starting position at the end of last year, he maintained stability by posting an ERA of 2.25 in 4 games. “I did it,” he said.

The Mets are expected to quench their thirst for left-handed starting resources by entrusting a spot in the starting rotation to Manaiah in the new season.Meanwhile, the Mets have been struggling to secure a left-handed pitcher.According to local media such as the New York Post, the Mets are known to be seeking to recruit left-handed pitchers such as Japanese pitchers Shota Imanaga and Ryu Hyun-jin.However, as the Mets selected 슬롯게이밍 Mania, the chances of Ryu Hyun-jin going to New York became slim.

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