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Los Angeles Dodgers infielder Miguel Rojas, 35, fired back at a former teammate who criticized him. The Miami Marlins All-Star outfielder took a jab at Miami Marlins All-Star outfielder Jayson Chizom Jr.

Rojas appeared on the Chris Rose Station podcast on Sunday to address Chizom’s comments. Earlier, Chizom appeared on the podcast “The Pivot” on Feb. 20 and alleged that he was harassed by Miami’s veteran players during his three-year stint in 2020-2022.

“It was probably the worst three years of my life,” Chizom said. Our team captain tried to kick me out. He was not a good captain, he was not a good person, he was not a good player. He tried to bring down the younger players,” Chizom said, taking a shot at Rojas, who did not mention his real name but was the de facto captain of Miami during that time. Rojas was traded from Miami to the Dodgers in January 2023.

In June 2022, Miami veterans criticized Chizom’s attire for traveling to and from the ballpark. “It had nothing to do with baseball. The fact that I had to have team meetings off the field with people I didn’t even speak to embarrassed me,” he said, “They were trying to put me in a box.”

Chizom went on to claim that he was harassed by veteran players, including having his own spiked sneakers vandalized.

He also revealed that veterans scolded a rookie for imitating Juan Soto’s (New York Yankees) shuffle.

However, former Miami president David Sampson said, “Rojas was one of the best players I ever met. For Chizom to say he’s a bad person is incredibly dishonest,” he said in defense of Rojas.

Rojas, who had been silent, spoke up: “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I don’t care what Chizom says about me. He can have that opinion. I don’t expect everybody to like me, and I don’t like everybody. 스포츠토토 But that doesn’t mean you can tell everyone what’s going on in the clubhouse. If you’re a professional, you have to respect everybody in the clubhouse,” Chizom said.

As for the June 2022 dress incident, Rojas emphasized the importance of following the ground rules set by the club. “When you go to a place, there are rules. “When you go to any place, there are rules. In an organization, there are some rules that people have to follow,” he said. “When you come into a new organization, you have to know that there are rules that come with the people who came before you.

Born in the tiny Caribbean island nation of the Bahamas,

Utojuta Chisom made his Major League debut in 2020 and became the first Bahamian to be named an All-Star in 2022. In four seasons, including last year, he batted .302 (266-for-1,085) with 53 home runs, 155 RBIs, 167 runs scored, 59 doubles and a .756 OPS in 302 games. Originally an infielder at second base and shortstop, he moved to center field last year. Despite playing only 97 games last year due to toe and oblique injuries, he still managed to go nearly 20-20 with 19 home runs and 22 doubles.

In addition to being an All-Star, Chizom’s personality and showmanship make him a star. His trademark bat flip is standard when he hits a home run, and his Euro-step into home plate is a trademark. He also has a unique hairstyle and fashion, including dying his hair blue.

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