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Gateway Casino & Entertainment filed an application with Delta City in early November asking for permission to build a full-fledged entertainment complex on the Delta Town & Country In site, and Gateway’s move was approved in early September this year, a year after Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation (OLG) announced Radner as a priority.

Casino expansion reportedly costs casino operators C$70 million, including gambling and non-gambling entertainment. In that way, casino operators will attract the attention of people with diverse interests and maximize economic benefits from entertainment complexes. Gateway said the draft casino plan included 600 slot machines and 24 gaming tables, but it was not yet clear whether British Columbia Lotto Corporation (BC) would approve the number.

As can be recalled, the BCLC argued that the number of game offerings was subject to discussion because they should reflect the city’s needs. What’s important is that slot machines’ net income has increased over the past few years. Optimists believe the BCLC is looking to take strategic action and approve the number of slot machines to realize big revenue growth.

Gateway provides more information on Radner casino project
So far, Gateway and Delta City have held a number of public briefings to gather public input before the plan is officially pursued, and Gateway and BCLC representatives have held two public briefings in Delta Town and Countryin on November 28 to provide more information on casino expansion.

Delta Air Lines is likely to set up a full-fledged entertainment center, assuming city officials have stamped on the plan. Ideally, the casino operator hopes to launch a multimillion-dollar project sometime next fall.


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