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Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, a famous traditional house, is rising again. After failing to advance to the “Spring Volleyball” for five consecutive seasons, he was the lowest candidate this season, but the combination of coach Kim Sang-woo (50)’s team reorganization and the performance of top foreign player Yosvani (32, Cuba) is causing a change in the men’s game of the “Dodram 2023-2024 V League.”

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance currently ranks second (11, 4 wins and 1 loss). In the opening game, they lost to Woori Card with a set score of 1-3 but then Korean Air (3-2 wins)~Hyundai Capital, OK Financial Group, and KB Insurance (both 3-0 wins) are causing a stir. Immediately after the KB Insurance match on the 1st, head coach Kim explained the driving force of this season’s sensation, saying, “As the attack success rate is higher than last season, I have the power to hold on to the team,” and laughed, “Third consecutive 3-0 wins have made it easier for the players to manage their condition.”

As head coach Kim said, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance was at the bottom of both the attack success rate (49.22%, 7th place) and the score (3050 points, 5th place) last season. However, he is on a roll this season based on the rise in the attack success rate (53.75%, No. 1). Coach Kim praised the performance of outside heater (left) Josbani, Apogit Spiker (right) Park Sung-jin (23), and setter Noh Jae-wook (31).

“(Park) Sung-jin’s active defense allowed Yosvani to focus on scoring,” head coach Kim said. “(Roh) Jae-wook also struggled last season, but his stability increased as he wore the captain’s armband this season. It would be perfect if you continue the pace now,” he said. Josbani also said, “We thoroughly prepared for the season with beach volleyball and weight training before entering the country,” adding, “The V League has many fans and high expectations for foreign strikers.” I want to lead the team to the playoffs unconditionally,” he said emphatically.

However, there is still a long way to go. There is a wide gap between the main player and the backup, and it has not found a way to use Asian quarter Apogit Spiker Eddie (Mongolia). Coach Kim’s own diagnosis is that he has not been able to afford it yet, not a small number of mistakes. “Even if the players are losing unlike in previous years, they don’t collapse. I will focus only on the victory of the upcoming game and play the season,” he vowed.


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