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Miami, the NBA’s best player development factory, has failed.

Anthony Chang, a local reporter in the United States, reported that the Miami Heat released RJ Hampton on Nov. 11 (KST). After releasing Hampton, Miami signed Alondes Williams to a two-way contract to fill Hampton’s spot.

Hampton 텍사스홀덤사이트 joined the team before the start of the season on a two-way contract with Miami, but was released before the season was over.

Hampton’s release makes sense. Hampton appeared in just eight games this season, averaging 1.3 points and one assist, and was virtually non-existent.

Miami had lost Gabe Vincent to injury and Kyle Lowry’s aging struggles. The team had high hopes for Hampton, but the Miami coaching staff apparently saw him as a non-factor.

This marks the fourth time Hampton has changed teams in a short period of time. After being drafted by the Denver Nuggets with the 24th overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, Hampton moved on to the Orlando Magic and Detroit Pistons before landing in Miami. This time, he didn’t last long in Miami and is looking for his fifth team.

Hampton was a nationally-ranked high school prospect. He was known on social media for his spectacular dunks, thanks to his size (6-foot-9) and athleticism. This, coupled with his skillful ball handling, made him a 5-star prospect.

Hampton’s professional career took him from the NCAA to the Australian league, and after one season, he entered the NBA Draft and was selected by Denver.

Hampton’s explosive athleticism, solid defense, and size for a guard made him a high-potential prospect, but there were concerns about his lack of shooting, which ultimately held him back.

In the modern game, guards and big men alike need to be able to shoot the three-pointer. If a player at the guard position struggles from beyond the arc, it’s hard to get a chance unless they have other overwhelming skills. Hampton is athletic, but the NBA is a league full of athletic players like Hampton.

Hampton said at the time of his trade that he chose Miami because of the Heat’s ability to develop players. Miami has been called the NBA‘s best player development factory, turning undrafted players like Duncan Robinson, Vincent, and Max Struss into great players.

But even Miami failed to develop Hampton, a highly touted prospect.

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