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The Lotte Giants of the Korean Baseball Organization are still languishing in last place. They recently fell into a five-game losing streak for the second time this season, but managed to snap the five-game losing streak with a narrow 6-5 victory over Sajik Kiwoom on April 2. On that day, Lotte secured the win with the help of a three-run home run by Son Ho-young and a crucial triple.

However, there were a number of disappointing moments where they failed to capitalize on their opportunities. In the fourth inning, when the score was 4-1, Sun Jun-woo singled to left and Son Ho-young walked to put runners on first and second with no outs. However, Go Seung-min grounded out to the second baseman to end the inning, and Jeong Hoon was stranded at first base with runners on first and third. The bases were loaded and the bases were quickly loaded.

This is the kind of count that puts pressure on hitters. At the plate was Yoo Kang-nam, 토토사이트 who was in the midst of a severe slump. Yoo started with a one-strike count and swung hard at a two-seam 137-kilometer fastball from Kim In-beom of Kiwoom.

It was a good pitch, but it didn’t escape the batters.

Yoo’s most powerful at-bat in recent memory was a line drive to center field that didn’t get past center fielder Ronnie Dawson’s height. According to the club’s Trackman data, the ball reached a whopping 171.5 kilometers per hour. It was a hard hit (95+ mph, 152.8+ mph fastball), but it traveled at a low trajectory (12.5 degree launch angle), which is why it was ruled a bunt.

While it’s impossible to say what if, it could have had a positive effect if Yu had gotten a hit. For one, it could have set the tone for the rest of the game, as the team looked to chase down the lead immediately after falling behind. More importantly, it was a hit by Yoo Kang-nam, who is probably struggling more than anyone else right now, so it could have been a confidence booster for him personally, as well as a change in the team’s tension.

However, it was caught and the game was over.

In his other at-bats, Yoo went 0-for-4 with an infield grounder. This drops his season batting average to 1-for-9 (5-for-46). He was designated for assignment on April 15, giving him time to rebuild, and was reinstated to the active roster on the 29th. However, in his first game back on April 30, he was removed after one at-bat after being hit by a pitch in the right elbow. He was limited to one at-bat in Game 1 as he dealt with the injury.

He is batting just 5-for-19 in 10 games, 파워볼사이 including the one before he was designated for assignment, so it was disappointing to see him hit a sharp 171.5-kilometer fastball in Game 2.

It’s been a rough ride for Yoo, who signed a four-year, 8 billion won free agent contract last year and is entering his second season with Lotte. It seems like things can’t go on like this. When will he be able to overcome his trials and smile broadly?

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