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Macao Legends Development Limited has opened the development of a new Legend Palace hotel with 223 rooms in the Fisher’s Warf section of the city, along with several game tables. The complete casino comes with 91 slots and 66 live dealer game tables.

Today’s opening comes less than two weeks after Macau Legend Development Limited received official permission to operate 15 new market popular market game tables inside the Legend Palace Hotel, with the rest to be redeployed from the company’s existing buildings, including the Pharoah Palace Casino and nearby Babylon Casino Macau inside the landmark Macau Hotel.

Hong Kong-listed Macau Legend Development Limited, which operates an additional 444-room Harborview Hotel Macau, said it had designated at least 46 of the game tables inside the casino at the Legend Palace Hotel for public market play.

David Chow Kam Fai, co-chairman and chief executive officer of Macau Legend Development Limited, said in a statement, “We plan to accommodate 46 to 55 mass tables and 11 self-operated VIP tables during the grand opening.” However, only 15 new tables have been placed on opening day, with the rest likely to be phased out.

David Chow, co-chairman, executive director, and CEO of Macau Legends, said, “Legend Palace has a casino, which has 15 new gaming tables recently approved by the Macau SAR government. This reaffirms the support given to us by the SAR Government, and I would like to express my sincere appreciation. We will try to apply for more tables to cope with the upcoming development needs. The Macao Fishermen’s Pier Redevelopment Project is the company’s commitment to promote tourism development in Macao.

We plan to continuously strengthen marina facilities to fully implement the “Yacht Free Travel System”, continuously improve visual effects with newly completed canopy for open-air shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences, and accelerate the construction of a dinosaur museum to increase non-game elements. Future plans include building an opera house and an intelligent exhibition center to promote innovation, and introducing more diverse elements of travel to increase visits to Macau General and Macau Fishermen’s Quay.”

The operator, which is offering gambling at the Legend Palace Hotel under a master license held by its giant compatriot SJM Holdings Limited, also explained that the new property could soon include up to three VIP game rooms, and local junket operator Carly Group will apply for at least some of the necessary approvals.


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