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The victim, Mr. Lee, recently posted online that he was beaten and kicked by his teammate, a year older than him, during a training camp in Taiwan in 2012.

He also claimed that he was punched in the face and eventually quit playing baseball because of him.

As the controversy grew, the team took to social media today to publicly apologize.

He acknowledged that he, a sophomore and captain of the team, hit the juniors in the buttocks with a bat three times.

However, he countered that there was no additional assault or name-calling and that he had statements from the juniors to prove it.

He also said that Mr. A had been demanding money for months over the assault, and recently demanded up to 170 million won, half of his annual salary, but failed to reach an agreement.

The KBO was aware of the incident in May, but said there were no grounds for punishment because it happened when he was an amateur.

KT’s star player, Choi Jae-dae, 먹튀검증 did not show up for training ahead of today’s game against Doosan in Jamsil.

However, he did start the game as the No. 2 hitter.

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