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Korean Air head coach Tommi Tilikainen earned the honor of being the first foreign head coach in the men’s regular season of the Korean Professional Volleyball V League.

Korean Air swept OK Financial Group 3-0 in straight sets (25-20 26-24 25-15) in the men’s home match of the Pro Volleyball Dodram 2023-2024 V League at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon on Sunday.

OK Financial Group is led by head coach Ogino Massa.

Tilikainen and Ogino first met in the Group A qualifiers of the Gumi Professional Volleyball Cup in August, where Tilikainen’s Korean Air won in straight sets 3-2.

It was Tilikainen’s Korean Air who won the first meeting in the regular season.

Korean Air, which is looking to win the overall title for the fourth consecutive season (first place in the regular season and championship game), finished the first round with 13 points (4-2) and third place after winning three straight games. First-round winners Samsung Fire and Woori Card have 14 points, one more than Korean Air.

OK Financial Group (10-4-2), which was in third place before the game, failed to add any points and dropped to fourth place.

OK Financial Group played a safe volleyball with fewer errors.

Korean Air, on the other hand, played a relatively bold game, as their main outside hitter Jeong Ji-seok was unable to play due to injury and their foreign attacker Lincoln Williams was not fully fit and played only a short time.

When OK Financial Group made a ‘safe serve’, Korean Air harassed OK Financial Group with steady reception followed by fast attacks.

Add to that six blocked shots by middle blocker Kim Gyu-min-in, and you have a recipe for an OK Financial Group rout.

Korean Air scored on a quick opener from young wing Lee Jun at 4-3 in the first set, then deflected an attack from opposing outside hitter Leonardo Leyva Martinez (registered name Leo) 카지노사이트 and followed it up with a kill from Jeong Jung-yong.

At 6-4, Lim Dong-hyuk’s back-attack came through, and in the ensuing rally, setter Han made a bold open attack to extend the lead to 8-4.

Korean Air then secured the first set with a good mix of quick attacks from Cho Jae-young and wing attacks from Lee Jun.

In the second set, which was a deuce battle, Korean Air took a step forward with a 25-24 victory on a fastball by Cho Jae-young.

Korean Air secured the second set when OK Financial Group’s Shin Seong-jin’s follow-through attack went off the line untouched by the blocker.

Midway through the third set, Korean Air solidified the victory.

At 14-12, Jeong Jeong-yong made a successful follow-up attack. He then blocked a quick opener from Shin Shin-jin.

At 16-12, Korean Air closed out the match in three sets with a strong serve.

On the day, Korean Air outscored OK Financial Group 13-1 in blocking and 4-2 in service aces.

Korean Air had four players in double figures, including young wing attackers Lim Dong-hyuk (18 points), Jeong Jung-yong (15 points) and Lee Jun (12 points) and middle blocker Cho Jae-young (14 points).

In the women’s match at Jangchung Gymnasium in Jung-gu, Seoul, GS Caltex fought back to win 2-3 (16-25 17-25 25-17 25-21 15-11) after dropping the first and second sets.

GS Caltex finished the first round in second place with 13 points (5-1), two points behind first-place Heungkuk Life (15-5-1).

GS Caltex struggled early in the match, falling behind 0-9 in the first set.

After dropping the first and second sets, GS Caltex took the third and fourth to force the match into the final five sets.

At 6-5 in the fifth set, GS Caltex scored on an open attack by Kwon Min-ji, shook the opponent’s receiving line with Han Soo-jin’s serve, and scored on an open attack by Kang So-hwi to go up 8-5.

Moon Ji-yoon then blocked a follow-up attack from Roadworks’ main gun Vanya Vukiric (registered name Vukiric) to further widen the gap to 9-5.

Trailing 12-11 after a counterattack by Roadworks, GS Caltex got a respite with a staggered attack by Kwon Min-ji and ended the match with back-to-back service aces by Kim Min-ji.

On the day, Vukiric scored a team-high 36 points and recorded four service aces, three blocking points, and three back-row attacks to complete the first triple crown (at least three each of service, blocking, and back-row attacks) in the women’s division this season, but it was overshadowed by the team’s loss. 바카라사이트

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