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Kim Min-woo will return to the K League with Ulsan Hyundai.

“After leaving Chengdu, Kim Min-woo is moving to the K League 1’s Ulsan Hyundai, leaving behind interest from the J League,” said a soccer source, “Kim Min-woo, who was highly sought after in the J League, was called by coach Hong Myung-bo to join the team. We will soon finalize the transfer process and return to the K League.”

Kim Min-woo became acquainted with Hong during his time at Yonsei University. In 2009, Kim participated in the U-20 World Cup with Hong, scoring three goals to lead South Korea to the quarterfinals. After his performance at the U20 World Cup, he tried to qualify for Europe, but was unsuccessful and headed to Japan. At the U20 World Cup, he was favored by head coach Hong Myung-bo.

Kim made his professional debut with Sagan Doss in the J2 in the 2010 season, and he was quickly recognized by the team for his consistent results. Especially in the 2016 season, the team showed their faith in him by appointing him captain despite being a foreign player. Kim has done his part, too.

To fulfill his military service, Kim made his K League debut in the 2017 season with Suwon Samsung. He played for a year.

He then completed his military service with Sangju Sangsang in 2018 and 2019. Instead of going overseas immediately, Kim returned to Suwon Samsung. In 2021, he was the captain of Suwon Samsung.

In 2022, he moved to Chengdu, China, where he was coached by his former teammate Seo Won-jeong. In Chengdu, Min-woo became one of Seo’s trusted men and a key part of Chengdu’s promotion success. In his first year in China, he appeared in 34 games, scoring four goals and providing seven assists. 온라인카지노 He made the most appearances in the league and also played a pivotal role last season.

The source added: “Several clubs have shown interest in Kim Min-woo. However, Ulsan was the most aggressive in pursuing the player,” the source explained, adding, “He will soon join Ulsan’s winter training after the transfer process is finalized.”

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