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Ransom, a multi-club competitor, grew up watching Ha Sung-hyung and aimed to become the batting champion and best pitcher in Korea, not a dream.

Kiwoom Heroes superstar Lee Jung-hoo is preparing for the big leagues.

He appeared on a broadcast and gave an interview. In a live interview with MBN Press Room on the morning of the 25th, he revealed his thoughts and preparations for entering the United States.

‘There is talk of $50 million (approximately 67.6 billion won). When asked about the all-time high, Lee said, “It’s my job, but it feels like someone else’s job. It doesn’t feel real, it doesn’t sink in.” “Because of my personality, I don’t think it’s going to happen,” he said, implying that he is calmly preparing for it.

He was also asked about former Kiwoom senior Kim Ha-seong, who has established himself as one of the best multi-infielders in the major leagues. “He changed the perception of Korean players in the major leagues, and I learned from him in Korea, and I will learn a lot from him in the U.S.,” Lee said.

When asked if he was motivated by Kim’s performance, he said, “I didn’t develop my dreams because of him, I developed my dreams because I played baseball.” “Just because he did it doesn’t mean I can do it. He’s already in a much higher class than me, and I’m just starting out. I have to work harder to be as good as him.”

When asked about his goals after entering the U.S., Lee said, “The team’s goal is to win the championship, but personally, I don’t think I can say it in terms of numbers. If I can adapt and do well, I would like to become a batting champion.”

When asked which pitcher he would like to face in the major leagues, Lee chose Ryu Hyun-jin. “When he was in Korea, I was in school, and when he came to the pros, he was in the United States. If I wanted to experience the best pitcher in Korea, I would have to go to the United States. I still think they’re the best,” he said. “We have the same agency (Boras Corporation) in the U.S., and I used to see him once in a while when he came to Korea,” he said of his relationship with Ryu Hyun-jin.

Lee Jung-hoo, the 2017 Rookie of the Year, is trying to reach the major leagues through the posting system by signing an agreement with his team after his seventh season. 바카라사이트 Kim’s former team, San Diego, and San Francisco, whose general manager Pete Putilla traveled to South Korea, are among the teams with the most active interest.

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