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It must obviously be done within the framework of a strict application of a health protocol demanding. The professional union Casinos de France has worked in this spirit to support and make this reopening possible, while respecting the new measures government.

After the first wave of COVID-19, casinos were among the first to implement a strict health protocol from 2 June (wearing a mask, plexiglass, frequent disinfection, etc.), the application of which has been subject to very rigorous by the services of the Ministry of the Interior. The casinos did not deplore no source of contamination in their establishments.

Today, they are ready to go even further in protecting customers and collaborators. The implementation of enhanced access control, limiting the number of customers with mandatory prior registration allowing flawless traceability in compliance with the GDPR, strengthening the frequency of disinfection, promoting digital tools like “TousAntiCovid” and the recommendation to take temperature at the entrance are all things they intend to engage with.

It is essential to allow the reopening of casinos because this activity is one of the crucial drivers of local economic dynamics where they are located. They represent 15,000 direct jobs, 45,000 indirect, and generate 1.4 billion euros in taxes each year, including 400 million for local communities.

Finally, it should be noted that the recent periods of administrative closures have unfortunately caused a proliferation of places or online sites of illegal activities games without control over addictions or health rules, or the traceability of funds.

This situation is all the more damaging as the casinos work closely together for several years with the Administration and are fully involved in the fight against addictions, in the protection of minors and against money laundering. Reopening our establishments quickly will therefore also be a relevant approach in terms of health and public order.


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