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Sidearm player Woo Gyu-min, who was transferred from Samsung to KT through the second round of the draft on May 22, visited Daegu Samsung Lions Park on May 25 to say goodbye to Samsung fans.

The ‘2023 Rafaq Sports Day’ is a Blue Wave social contribution event that features a five-inning game of ‘WOW BASEBALL’ in which the two teams, Team Koo Ja-rook and Team Woo Gyu-min, switch positions. Woo was scheduled to lead Team Woo Gyu-min, but he had to relinquish the baton when he transferred to KT. Oh Jae-il will take over as acting manager.

The team’s batting order is Baek Jung-hyun, third baseman, Yook Sun-yeop, left fielder, Ryu Ji-hyuk, shortstop, Kim Sung-yoon, second baseman, Lee Ho-sung, catcher, Jung Jin-soo, right fielder, Kim Jae-sung, and Kim Si-hyun, center fielder. The starting pitcher is Kang Min-ho.

Team Woo’s lineup is second baseman Choi Chung-yeon, center fielder Lee Seung-hyun, third baseman Lee Sang-min, left fielder Kim Ji-chan, shortstop Kim Hyun-joon, right fielder Kim Min-soo, catcher Kim Do-hwan, first baseman Park Joon-yong, and designated hitter Kim Jae-sang. Ahn Joo-hyung will start on the mound.

Taking the microphone before the game,

Woo said, “First of all, I want to thank the fans for coming out in the cold weather. I had to relinquish the managerial position unintentionally. I believe that Oh Jae-il will lead the team well as the acting head coach.”

“As you all know, I am moving on. I will not forget the many applause and cheers I received while playing in the Lions’ uniform for seven years. I am so sorry and grateful. I’m very sorry and grateful, and I ask for a lot of support from our Lions players.”

Meanwhile, Woo, born in 1985, made his professional debut in 2003 and played for LG and Samsung, compiling a career record of 82 wins, 86 losses, 90 saves and 106 relief appearances in 759 first-team games. 카지노사이트가이드 He has a 3.95 earned run average and has been well-received for his wealth of experience and outstanding skills, as well as his role as a good example for juniors. In 56 games this season, he posted a 3-1 record with 13 saves and a 4.81 ERA.

KT general manager Nadahyun Nadahyun said,

“From the time the roster came out, I was in constant communication with the field. In the first round, we focused on immediate power that can play in the first team. We took a lot of input from the field and selected Woo Gyu-min.”

“We have a lot of young pitchers in our bullpen, and I’m looking forward to taking care of them. We thought he could give us enough balance for a couple years in the middle. He’s struggled a little bit this year, but he can give us an inning or two. He doesn’t give up too many walks. I think he can be used for the next two years.”

After the announcement of the second round of the draft, Woo said, “I have a lot of happy memories, including starting a family after moving to Samsung. My biggest regret is that I can’t be with my pitching brothers anymore. They are all good and have a lot of potential, and I hope they will blossom into success.”

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