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‘Hwang In-beom Induced Own Goal’ Zvezda Beats Partizan with ‘Go Young-jun Selected’

Zvezda wins 2-0 against Partizan in Serbia Cup semifinals.

National team midfielder Hwang In-beom contributed to his team Crvena Zvezda (Serbia) advancing to the cup finals by causing an own goal from the opposing defense in the ‘Korean derby’ against Ko Young-jun (Partizan).

Crvena Zvezda defeated rival Partizan 2-0 in the semifinals of the Serbia Cup held at Stadion Crvena Zvezda in Belgrade, Serbia on the 25th (Korean time) and advanced to the finals. 카지노

Hwang In-beom, who started as a starter, induced an own goal in the 28th minute of the first half, giving the team the lead.

Hwang In-beom caught the ball on the right side and folded once, completely avoiding the opponent’s attempted tackle.

Afterwards, he raised a left-footed cross towards the goal from near the penalty line, and teammate Peter Olayinka’s header hit the opponent’s defensive leg and hit the net.

Olayinka completed the team’s 2-0 win by scoring directly with his left foot in front of the goal two minutes later.

Midfielder Ko Young-jun, who played for Pohang Steelers in the K League and joined Partizan in January, started as a starter and played for about 63 minutes until he was replaced in the 18th minute of the second half.

Ko Young-Jun bowed his head in the ‘Korean Derby’ against Hwang In-Beom due to his team’s defeat.

Zvezda (80 points) and Partizan (70 points), which are both based in Belgrade and are the biggest rivals in Serbian professional football, are ranked 1st and 2nd in the league.

The championship round, the top split in Serbian professional soccer, has begun and with six games remaining for each team, Zvezda is likely to win the league.

With the victory that day, Zvezda advanced to the finals of the Serbia Cup and took a step closer to winning two gold medals.

Meanwhile, with local Serbian media reporting that scouts from English professional soccer Premier League (EPL) clubs are visiting the semi-finals to check Hwang In-beom’s performance, attention is being paid to whether Hwang In-beom, who performed well, will enter the English stage.

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