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Ramirez and Morales, the men’s and women’s national team coaches, respectively, mentioned the V-ligers.

The press conference for the new head coaches of the South Korean national volleyball teams was held on Friday at the Olympic Parktel conference room in Seoul. Isanaye Ramirez, head coach of the men’s national team, and Fernando Morales, head coach of the women’s national team, sat side by side in the press conference room and talked to the media.

The topics ranged from the generational change in the national teams to the upcoming big international competitions, and naturally, 스포츠토토사이트 many names of players from the V-League were mentioned.

The first names that came up were Murad Khan and Brittany Abercrombie, the team’s foreign players for the 2023-24 season, who were key resources for Ramirez’s former team, the Pakistan National Team, and Morales’ former team, the Puerto Rico National Team, respectively.

“I spoke with Murad two days ago,” Ramirez said. He told me that he was very happy to come to the V-League and that he had a good season. He was very surprised and satisfied with the facilities and the training environment,” Ramirez said of his conversation with Murad, adding, “I also spoke with Riverman Agamez because I have a personal relationship with him. “I also spoke with Riverman Agamez, as I have a personal relationship with him,” he adds, dropping another familiar name, “and what I took away from my conversations with both players is that the V-League is a league that is very well organized in terms of business and promotion, just like the NBA.

“Abercrombie was the most important player on the team while I was coaching the Puerto Rico National Team,” Morales said. He had a lot of good things to say about the V-League. He had positive things to say about the facilities, the practice environment, the intensity of the training and the players’ attitude towards it. His stories made me have higher expectations for my coaching job in Korea.”

The names of Korean players were also mentioned. When asked to name the most prominent players on the recently announced men’s national team’s strengthening roster, Ramirez cited Jung Ji-seok and Heo Soo-bong. “Whenever I’ve seen Korea in Asian competitions, I’ve always seen them as important players, and I think they’re going to play a big role in my team,” he said, expressing his excitement for them.

Morales added, “Park Jung-ah and Pyo Seung-ju are the most experienced players on the team and help me a lot. Also, Kim Da-in, Da-hyun, and Jeong Ji-yoon have brought the good vibes of winning the tournament to the national team training center and are creating a positive atmosphere,” Morales said, naming many players at once.

Finally, Morales also mentioned the name of Kim Yeon-kyung, who retired from the national team. “It’s no secret that there have been difficulties in replacing the golden generation after the retirement of Kim Yeon-kyung, but there is a transition period, and I think the Korean women’s volleyball team has been in a transition period for the past two seasons, and I think we’re ready for a more full-fledged transition in the upcoming season. We want to implement a volleyball that is not dependent on a single player like Kim Yeon-kyung, but rather a volleyball that is played as a team,” said Kim, emphasizing that everyone will play an important role.

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