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30 goals in seven games. Deokcheon of the Busan Buk-gu K7 team is the protagonist.

The K7 Busan Buk-gu Division League for the 2023 season was held at Hwamyeong Ecological Park in Buk-gu, Busan on the 20th. Busan Buk-gu Deokcheon easily defeated Busan Buk-gu Shin Man-Deok 3-0 on the day.

Deokcheon, which did not miss a single victory in the seven games it played in the 2023 season, earned 21 points and remained in first place. Deokcheon scored 30 goals in seven matches, 14 of which came from Jang Young-woo. Jang Young-woo was the top scorer.

Jang Young-woo, a wing forward for Deokcheon, told the Korea Football Association, “I’m not an athlete, I just played soccer in a few clubs in college. My older brother encouraged me to join the Deokcheon team. Thanks to him, I was able to participate in K7 and play against various teams.”

Deokcheon has a total of 43 members. They range in age from 20s to 60s. Jang Young-woo, who cites “faith” as the secret to good grades and teamwork, gets along well with his “brothers,” who are more than 10 years apart in age.

There is one thing to note about the Deokcheon uniforms. Instead of the player’s name, the back of the jersey reads “Bujutteokjip”. This is why Deokcheon is called the “rumored rice cake shop. Jang 토토사이트 Young-woo explains, “Bubu Tteokjip is run by a player on our team and is a sponsor of Deokcheon. Because of this, students are exempt from membership fees. In addition to the membership fee, they also provide a lot of support when we need money to run the team.”

The 2020 season marks the third year of the Division League. Deokcheon is at the top of Busan’s Buk-gu and looking forward to the K6 League promotion playoffs. “I heard that K6 is a really different level compared to K7. “It might be a tough game among the stronger teams, but I really want to win the promotion,” he said.

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