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As soon as he touched down in South Korea, he was bombarded with autographs and photo requests. He complied and interacted with fans on his new stage.

Former Manchester United winger Jesse Lingard has finally arrived in South Korea. Lingard walked through the arrivals gate at Incheon International Airport’s Terminal 2 on Friday. After announcing his arrival on Korean Air on social media on April 4, which marked the end of the signing process for FC Seoul, Lindegaard met fans in a black baseball cap and black top.

It’s not a flashy outfit, but it’s one that Lingard is known for.

He was bombarded with autograph requests from the moment he stepped off the plane. According to airport officials, as soon as he emerged from the tunnel connecting the plane to the airport, he had to sign for airport officials who knew he was on a Korean Air flight from London. Several people swarmed him, holding out papers and asking for his autograph.

He didn’t refuse any of the fanservice after we exited the gate, either.

First, he left the black suitcase he was dragging around in a pile on the hallway in front of the gate, and then he posed for photos. One fan even had the good grace to give him a dansou, as if to remind him of his “Pied Piper” routine.

Lingard responded to the fans in one spot, and then proceeded to do the same in another. After about two to three minutes, he walked off to get to the team’s vehicle.

At that point, it was chaos as fans and media chased after Lingard. He had plenty of security around him, but it was hard to control the larger number of fans.

Lingard managed to make it outside and was taken to a hotel in a vehicle organized by the Seoul club. He left without being interviewed and will rest before undergoing a medical test organized by the club on June 6.

If all goes well, he will sign a contract with FC Seoul and become a K 안전한 파워볼사이트 League player.

Lingard’s move to the K League caused quite a stir in Europe.

Earlier, British broadcaster Sky Sports reported that “Lingard is close to a ‘surprise’ move to South Korea. “A move to FC Seoul is imminent,” Sky Sports reported, “with a verbal agreement understood to have been reached, including a one-year extension to the original two-year deal. “He is expected to fly out of the country in the coming days to finalize the deal,” the report said, adding that the player is said to want a fresh start in a new country.”

British public broadcaster BBC also reported that “Lingard is seriously considering a move to FC Seoul” with a two-year contract. More than 20 clubs, including Italian giants Lazio, were in the running for Lingard, but FC Seoul hit the jackpot when they landed him.


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