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North Korea is expected to make an appearance again at the FIFA World Cup, the world’s largest event for a single sport. Free Asia Broadcasting (RFA) reported on the 9th that the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) announced that North Korea would participate in the second Asian qualifier for the 2026 World Cup. AFC said, “FIFA and AFC have received North Korea’s intention to participate in the Asian qualifiers.” If North Korea goes to the qualifiers, it will return to the World Cup stage for the first time in about four years since November 2019. At that time, North Korea participated in the second Asian qualifier to advance to the 2022 Qatar World Cup finals and played against South Korea, but withdrew due to the 2020 Corona 19 epidemic.If you participate in the qualifiers, you will have to visit the opponent’s country, so you are interested in whether North Korea, which is still blocking the border 카지노사이트킹 with Corona 19, will open its doors or accept foreign teams. North Korea’s first match on the Group B schedule will be a home game against Syria on November 16th. If North Korea actually participates, it will be a worthy opponent to compete for the second place in the group to advance to the Asian final qualifier after Japan. In this World Cup, as the number of countries participating in the finals increased from 32 to 48, the number of finalists assigned to Asia also increased from 4.5 to 8.5, so the possibility of the North Korean national soccer team stepping on American soil also increased. On the other hand, North Korea received a suspension of qualification from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for unauthorized absence from the Olympics, and there were observations that a similar punishment would be applied to the World Cup.

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