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Baekseok University, together with the Vietnam Hanoi Taekwondo Association, held the ‘2024 Baekseok University Cup Hanoi Taekwondo Festival’ at the Tay Ho General Gymnasium in Hanoi on the 7th, with 1,100 athletes from 63 gyms across Vietnam participating. It was announced on the 8th that it was held.The festival was held with age-group sparring, poomsae, fighting, Taegeuk boxing, and team sparring, and Vietnamese Minister of Sports Dang Ha Viet also attended and encouraged the athletes.

Baekseok University has established the Hanoi Study Abroad Application Center, the Hanoi International University Taekwondo Center, and the Global Taekwondo Major, and has been working to spread Taekwondo by dispatching a demonstration team composed of national representatives to the region in September of last year.

Taekhyun Jang, Chairman of Baekseok University’s University Innovation Committee, who attended the opening ceremony, said, “This Hanoi Taekwondo Festival shows that Korean Taekwondo has become global and its status has increased,” and added, “I feel a great sense of responsibility to properly promote 온라인카지노 Taekwondo in our universities.”

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