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Korea Gas Corporation, which had been on off-season training in Japan, has completed its first overseas training session since the team’s foundation with the assessment that it is a good opportunity to compensate for the team’s weaknesses.

The Korea Gas Corporation, which continued its 10-day camp in Nagasaki and Fukuoka, Japan, on Sept. 10, had a final inspection ahead of the opening of the season, including five practice matches with the Japanese team.

While most of the games were played behind closed doors, the open match against the Volooners of the Japanese B League was a good performance and a disappointing 83-88 loss.

Korea Gas Corporation, which showed its potential by playing a fierce battle against a team that won by 20 to 30 points in practice games with other domestic KBL teams, is said to have been a good experience for the team’s weak defense, especially against a solid Japanese team.

Acting coach Kang Hyuk, who finished off-season training, said it was a good opportunity for young players to take turns giving them confidence and for foreign players to join and especially match the defense.

After completing Japan’s off-season training, which focused on supplementing the points mentioned as the team’s weaknesses, the Korea Gas Corporation will begin its team schedule in earnest through a cup competition in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do, from October 8.


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