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FIFA President Infantino opposes introduction of blue card

‘We are also opposed to the plan to temporarily replace players with suspected concussions’

FIFA President Gianni Infantino clearly expressed his opposition to the ‘temporary dismissal (blue card)’ rule promoted by the International Football Association Board (IFAB).

Chairman Infantino met with reporters ahead of the 138th IFAB general meeting scheduled for Loch Lomond, Scotland on the 2nd (Korean time) and said,

“I will give a ‘red card (exit)’ to the idea of ​​introducing a blue card.” 파워볼

He emphasized, “There will be no introduction of the Blue Card at the elite level.

The Blue Card is a topic that does not exist for us.

FIFA is completely opposed to it.”

Last month, IFAB, which oversees and establishes soccer regulations,

announced a pilot plan to expand the ‘blue card’,

which provides a 10-minute temporary expulsion to players who excessively protest against referee decisions or commit strategic fouls that prevent the opponent from scoring.

Players who receive a blue card can return to the ground after staying in the temporary exit area for 10 minutes.

IFAB plans to discuss whether to introduce the Blue Card at this general meeting.

Regarding this, President Infantino said, “Any proposal must be treated with caution,

but the essence and tradition of soccer must be maintained,” and “a blue card is not acceptable.”

He also opposed the use of ‘temporary replacements’ for players who showed signs of concussion during the game.

President Infantino said, “Even experts say that it is difficult to determine whether there is a concussion within a few minutes.

We are not thinking of temporarily replacing a player with concussion symptoms with another player and then reintroducing him.”

“For protection purposes, he must be completely replaced with another player,” he explained.

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